Our Story

about the makers

Sprout and Kernel was born in mid 2014. From it’s inception Maria was a passionate employee of Sprout and Kernel. She learned the art of hand making nut cheese and also the intimate details of the business: making deliveries and liaising with the handful of clientele.

In January 2015 Maria was informed that Sprout and Kernel was about to be closed. After talking to her husband Ben they decided that they believed in the product so much that they could not allow such a healthy and sustainable product fade into the distance.

“Being a vegan family, cheese was one product that we really missed. There was no other plant-based cheese that ticked all the boxes for us. A vegan cheese that was naturally sourced, that was made with minimal ingredients and that was so healthy and tasted great too... We found that in Sprout and Kernel . One taste and we were all hooked ! So delicious with no 'nasties'. We could not let this product go.”

An offer was made and accepted. Sprout and Kernel was re-born,

re-branded and re-invented.

Sprout and Kernel is an Australian owned family business that locally produces hand made nut cheeses. Their vision is to spread the wholesomeness of their hand made cultured nut cheeses to Australians everywhere.

They are still a very young and growing family owned business and are filled with joy seeing Sprout and Kernel’s seeds being planted in so many stores, restaurants and bars across Australia.

Spreading the love of plant-based goodness. Spreading the love of nut cheese. Come join them on this nutty ride!